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The Daily Buzz: January 11, 2015

Mexican drug cartels switching from marijuana to heroin and meth; 69 people in Mozambique die from poisoned beer; and the "Cannabis Queens" of Beverly Hills live in luxury off medical marijuana earnings.

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Losing Marijuana Business, Mexican Cartels Push Heroin and Meth
America’s changing marijuana laws are having an impact south of the border. As legal bud becomes more accessible in the US, the need for supply from Mexico is decreasing. In its place, Mexican cartels are pushing a “flood” of cheap heroin and methamphetamine across the border, according to the latest drug seizure statistics.

69 People Die After Drinking Poisoned Beer in Mozambique
Sixty-nine people have died and nearly 200 more were hospitalized this weekend after drinking contaminated “pombe”—a traditional Mozambican beer made from millet or corn flour. Authorities believe that the drink may have been poisoned with crocodile bile.

This Law Made It a Lot More Dangerous to Take Ecstasy
A 2003 law introduced by then-Senator Joe Biden bars businesses from “knowingly” opening, managing or profiting from any place where drugs are distributed or used. Critics of the law say it has made club owners and concert promoters hesitant to provide free water, cool-down rooms, dance floor patrols, and other services that could help protect drug users’ safety, and has thus led to more deaths.

The Struggles of Audrey Conn, Founder of “Moderation Management”
Audrey Conn, who founded Moderation Management as an alternative to AA, took her own life last month, nearly 15 years after she killed a father and daughter while drunk driving. Here is a look back at her complex life and legacy.

Meet “The Cannabis Queens of Beverly Hills”
Meet Cheryl Shuman, 54, who started using marijuana to treat her cancer in 2007. Seven years later, she is in remission and has made a fortune off her blossoming weed business—the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club—she runs with her daughter. But some criticize the flashy, Ferrari-driving and diamonds-wearing lifestyle the “Queens of Cannabis” have built from their weed earnings, because haters gonna hate.