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The Daily Buzz: January 13, 2015

Half of teen and young adult car crash deaths involve alcohol or weed; Chinese online binge drinking game takes off; and dozens hallucinate after eating a holiday cake laced with synthetic drugs.

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Half of Teen, Young Adult Car Crash Deaths Involve Pot or Alcohol
Half of young drivers who die in car accidents were under the influence of marijuana or alcohol, according to a new study—which also claims that increasing legalization and availability of pot did not seem to reduce incidents of alcohol use.

The Baijiu drinking game involves high risk selfies, like this one. Photo via

The Baijiu drinking game involves high risk selfies, like this one. Photo via

“Heavily Armed” Drug Lords Are Banding Together to Fight Back Against ISIS’ War on Drugs
ISIS has cracked down on drugs and alcohol with a fiery zero-tolerance policy that has included destroying marijuana fields and setting fire to piles of cigarettes and booze. But reportedly “heavily armed” drug lords in ISIS-controlled areas are now “banding together” to fight back.

Chinese Internet Binge Drinking Trend Takes Off
A new drinking game from China involves people binging on Baiju, a popular liquor which contains up to 60% alcohol, and posting their results on social media. The trend mirrors the “Neknomination” game, which took off in the US last year and sent a bunch of people to the hospital. Binge drinking: It brings the world together!

Meet Marvina, the Birchbox of Pot
More bad news for your neighborhood weed dealer, as fancy businesses move in on the legal marijuana market. The latest is “Marvina,” modeled after beauty subscription service Birchbox, which sends you a box of high-end goodies each month. Only with marijuana in place of makeup.

Holiday Cake Laced With Synthetic Drugs Makes Dozens Hallucinate
Preliminary lab results found an unknown synthetic drug in a “Rosca de Reyes”—a Three Kings Day Bread traditional in some hispanic communities—that made 40 people sick last week. Some were hospitalized and complained of heart palpitations and hallucinations after eating the bread, which they purchased from a Southern California bakery. Police are looking into it.