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The Daily Buzz: January 14, 2015

US heroin-linked deaths surge 39%; study finds people who work more, drink more; and Iceland makes beer from endangered whale testicles.

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Heroin-Linked Deaths Surge 39% in the US, CDC Finds
A total of 8,257 Americans died of heroin-related deaths in 2013, compared with 5,925 in 2012, according to a new report from the CDC. Prescription opioids are linked with many additional deaths, but heroin fatalities are rising as more people switch to the cheaper alternative.

Toxic Alcohol Kills 29 People in India
More than 100 people have been hospitalized and at least 29 have died after drinking toxic, locally brewed alcohol in India’s Uttar Pradesh state. Toxic alcohol deaths are all too common in India, where people who can’t afford expensive brands often turn to home-brewed stuff.


Endangered beer ingredients? Photo via

Endangered beer ingredients? Photo via

Study: The More You Work, the More You Drink
Turns out, those “happy” hours can really add up. Adult professionals who work more than 48 hours a week are 11% more likely to drink “dangerous” amounts, according to a new study from Finland.

Judge to Determine If Marijuana Should Remain Schedule I Drug
We may soon be bidding adieu to the federal law that classifies marijuana as a “dangerous” drug in the same category as heroin and LSD. A judge in Northern California, Kimberly J. Mueller, decided to rule on the constitutionality of the law, which dates back to Nixon’s War on Drugs in 1970. The ruling is expected later this year, so get your party hats ready!

Beer Made From Whale Testicles Outrages Conservationists
An Icelandic microbrewery, who last year pissed off conservationists with their beer made from whale meat, is back with a new brew flavored with smoked testicles from the endangered fin whale. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society is calling the move ”highly provocative and a cheap marketing ploy,” and ”a load of balls.”