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The Daily Buzz: January 15, 2015

ADHD pill could help treat binge eating; meth cooks-for-hire boost drug traffic to USA; and a "calming" remedy for dogs contains 13% alcohol.

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ADHD Pill Could Help Treat Binge Eating
For those who can’t control their food intake, a drug used to treat ADHD may be an effective treatment, according to a new study. Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate apparently works by regulating pathways in the brain that monitor rewards and control.

Why Rich People Quit Smoking, But the Poor Still Smoke
The idea that the US has “won the war on smoking” only really holds true for the upper and middle classes. So why is it harder for poor and working class people to quit? Several reasons posited include environmental factors (being around other smokers more often) and a lack of access to medical treatment.

Vets recommend dogs stay sober. Photo via

Vets recommend dogs stay sober. Photo via

Meth Cooks-for-Hire Help Boost Drug Traffic to USA
Mexican traffickers are importing more meth than ever into the US. And they’re also stepping up their trafficking game by employing “thousands” of hired meth cooks who help them manufacture the drug on US soil. Now which TV show could have given them that idea?

Dog “Calming” Medicine Contains 13% Alcohol
Hundreds have signed a petition for Petco to remove a “homeopathic” remedy called “Good Dog” from the shelves, since it was found that the “calming” medication contains about the same percentage of alcohol as red wine. Woof! Turns out, getting your dog drunk is not veterinarian-approved, even if it does get them to sit, stay and roll over.

This Hunger Games Rip-Off Claims To Cure Bulimia In 90 Days
A book being marketed to teens promises to cure bulimia in 90 days without the help of a doctor or trained professional—by “fusing layman advice with a series of powerful exercises, affirmation cards, and MP3s.” As if it could get worse, the book is marketed to teens by not-subtly ripping off popular series The Hunger Games.