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The Daily Buzz: January 19, 2015

Sleeping badly in your teens could be an "early warning sign" for future addiction; the heroin trade threatens East Africa; and woman allegedly smuggles $80k of cocaine in her hair extensions.

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Poor Sleep “Early Warning Sign” for Drink and Drug Issues
Teens who have regular trouble sleeping are more likely to develop drug problems in later years, scientists have apparently discovered. “Most of the time we don’t think sleep is important,” says Professor Maria Wong of Idaho State University, who led the study. “But our results show sleep is a good marker of some serious later problems.” Now that’s a worry to keep you up at night.

East Africa is part of a circuitous but important smuggling route between Afghanistan and Europe. Photo via

East Africa is part of a circuitous but important smuggling route between Afghanistan and Europe. Photo via

How the “Smack Track” Hurts East Africa
Countries like Kenya and Tanzania are at risk of being “hollowed out” by powerful drug gangs undermining government institutions, reports the Economist. With cops in Central Europe tightening up and the continuing war in Syria, East Africa has become an important hub on the route between Afghanistan and Europe

Long Working Hours Linked to Heavier Drinking
Analyzing data from 330,000 people in 14 different countries showed scientists that people who work more than 48 hours a week are 11% more likely to drink heavily (defined as over 14 drinks a week for women, or 21 for men). As Oscar Wilde put it, “Work is the curse of the drinking classes.”

How Bad Is Booze Anyway? Six Crazy Facts About Drinking
CNN’s “crazy” facts include: good news about strokes and your brain; bad news about sleep (again) and, delightfully, bacteria leaking from your gut; and why you’re miscounting both your drinks and your carbs.

Woman “Tried to Smuggle $80k of Cocaine Through Airport in Hair and Wig”
Another entry for the annuls of ingenious-drug-smuggling-techniques-gone-wrong, allegedly: Carrying this much blow in her hair extensions and wig, it’s little wonder the woman in question exhibited the “suspicious behavior” that caused customs officers to single her out.