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The Daily Buzz: January 2, 2014

Stopping drunk driving is not a top priority for cops; Massachusetts finally opens its first medical marijuana dispensary; and champagne causes the worst hangovers.

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Why Aren’t Police Catching Drunk Drivers?
There are almost 300,000 incidents of drunk driving each day, but fewer than 4,000 of these drivers get busted by cops. Even though drunk driving kills 10,000 Americans every year, “competing issues” take priority in law enforcement. But why? “Police don’t like doing [roadside checks],” says one officer. “They think it’s resource-intensive and they feel like they can be more productive patrolling the streets.”

Massachusetts to Open First Medical Marijuana Dispensary
On New Year’s Eve, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health finally issued the state’s first medical marijuana certificate to a company in Salem. Massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana two years ago, but bureaucracy and reportedly flawed licensing procedures delayed the process until now.

Researchers Use Fake Bar to Test Anti-Drinking Drug
A fake bar has been created inside the hospital at the National Institutes of Health where researchers are testing a new drug to help heavy drinkers curb their alcohol intake. The aim of the dimly lit “bar,” which is stocked with bottles contain colored water instead of the real thing, is to ”create almost a real-world environment, but to control it very strictly.”

Cheers to future headaches!

Generation Y Are a Bunch of Winos
Those born between 1980 and 2000—aka “Generation Y”—are drinking more booze than any previously recorded generation. And according to a new survey, their poison-of-choice is wine. Nearly a third of people between the ages of 21 to 26 reported drinking wine every day, and 83% say they choose it because of its taste.

Why Champagne Causes the Worst Hangovers
If you were popping bottles on New Year’s Eve, your first day of 2015 might have been a little rough. The bubbles in champagne—responsible for that satisfying “pop”—speed up absorption of alcohol, making you drunk quicker, and leading to worse hangovers. Hope it was worth it!