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The Daily Buzz: January 20, 2015

TV booze ads may boost underage binge drinking; sororities consider repealing booze ban to throw safer parties for women; and UFC champ Jon Jones says he did use cocaine but didn't have an issue.

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Watching Alcohol Ads on TV Linked to Underage Drinking
Turns out those TV ads for booze, with their sweaty beer bottles and rich white people drinking on sofas, really do have an impact. A new study finds that teens who have seen and liked more ads for booze were more likely to binge drink, and to start younger.

Indonesia Executes Six Drug Convicts, Including Five Foreigners
Five foreigners and an Indonesian woman convicted on drug trafficking charges were executed by firing squad, despite appeals to spare them. The Indonesian government has defended the executions, claiming that they will help combat the country’s growing drug trade.

Jon Jones Speaks Out About Failed Drug Test
UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones said he wasn’t surprised when he failed a drug test for cocaine last month. But he has only ever used the drug recreationally and is “not an addict.” “I had done it quite a few times in college, I had experimented with it, but that’s really it,” he says. “It has never been an issue.”

Sorority Anti-Rape Idea: Drinking on Own Turf
For decades, national sorority organizations have banned alcohol in their houses, making frat houses the places to party. But in response to the persistent problem of sexual assault on college campuses, some female students are starting to question whether throwing parties at sororities might offer women a safer place to party.

Does Legalization Make Marijuana-Detecting Dogs Obsolete?
Marijuana legalization may create new jobs for some people, but it could also be putting our nation’s dogs out of work. Apparently, Oregon and Alaska are now “confronting the same canine conundrum” that has plagued Colorado and Washington since 2012. What to do with all these dogs trained to sniff out pot, now that it’s legal? Maybe they could retire young and move to Florida?