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The Daily Buzz: January 23, 2015

Study suggests your beliefs play a large role in addiction; CDC warns against dangers of opioid use by pregnant women; and Apple and Instagram crack down on weed businesses' social media accounts.

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Study Claims Belief Is as Important as Biochemistry in Addiction
Is addiction all in the mind? A new study from Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute suggests that your beliefs play a large role in how your brain responds to an addictive substance, and that changing your beliefs could diminish addictive effects. Do you believe it?

Controversial Study Links E-Cigarettes to Formaldehyde Exposure
If all the studies are true, than E-cigs will surely kill you…or, not. A new study claims high-voltage e-cigarettes are dangerous because they increase your exposure to formaldehyde (not a good thing). But critics say the study is misleading and lacks context.

The Instagram account for @StankyyDankyy, a Denver-based cannabis lifestyle brand was shut down. Photo via

The Instagram account for @StankyyDankyy, a Denver-based “cannabis lifestyle” brand, was shut down. Photo via

More Pregnant Women Using Opioid Painkillers, CDC Finds
With high rates of prescription opioid use and misuse in the US, experts are warning that opioid use by pregnant women could carry considerable risk for birth defects. According to a new CDC report, nearly a third of women of reproductive age had an opioid painkiller prescription filled every year from 2008 to 2012.

Apple and Instagram Crack Down on Weed Entrepreneurs
Big social media and tech companies like Instagram and Apple are cracking down on illegal drug-related activity on their networks, in accordance with federal laws. In the past few months, Instagram has deleted dozens of weed-related accounts and Apple’s App Store has begun policing pot content, forcing many (state-legal) small businesses to shut down their accounts and lose followers.

Drunk Passenger Who Forced Virgin to Turn Around Plane Must Pay $40,000
Back in September, an Australian passenger on Virgin Airlines hit the sauce a little too hard, forcing the plane to return to Perth when he threatened to “bring this plane down.” He now faces a fine of nearly $40,000, which he may have saved up already if he chose to quit drinking after the incident.