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The Daily Buzz: January 26, 2015

Daily drinking more damaging to liver than bingeing, claims study; China's War on Drugs isn't working; and Cleveland Browns' Josh Gordon faces suspension after second failed drug test.

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Daily Drinking Increases Risk of Cirrhosis
Clearly drinking plays a major role in liver disease, but what about the way you drink? A new study suggests that drinking every day, compared to periodic binge drinking, is significantly more damaging to your liver.

Use of Illegal Drugs in China Continues Unabated, Despite Crackdown
Chinese police have arrested over 60,000 suspected drug offenders and seized more than 11 tons of drugs since launching a nationwide crackdown on drugs in October. And around 180,000 drug users have reportedly been punished. But despite their efforts, the underground drug industry is thriving, with use of substances like meth and heroin reportedly on the rise. Wait: Does waging war on drugs not work?

Aussie Dad Arrested for Giving Cannabis Oil to Daughter With Cancer
Australian father Adam Koessler used cannabis oil to treat his two-year-old daughter’s stage 4 neuroblastoma and says that her condition significantly improved. But since Australia still classifies the drug in the same category as heroin, Koessler was arrested and charged with possession and administering drugs to a child.

Prank Caller “High on Booze and Cocaine” Put Through to British Prime Minister
A night of drugs and booze apparently inspired one ambitious gentleman to call up Britain’s intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and finagle his way onto the phone with Prime Minister David Cameron. Shortly after, he called the Sun newspaper to say, “I’ve just made monkeys out of GCHQ.” He said it was “hilarious” and added “I’m definitely going to do it again. It was so easy.” Noted.

Browns’ Josh Gordon Facing One Year Suspension for Alcohol Use
After failing a drug test for alcohol, the wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns is reportedly facing a season-long ban for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, for the second time around. Last July, Gordon was arrested for driving under the influence and was given a year-long suspension, which was later reduced.