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The Daily Buzz: January 6, 2014

Cuba and the US are buddies when it comes to the drug war; revisiting the lessons of heroin addiction among Vietnam vets; and Colorado launches a "folksy" campaign to teach responsible pot use.

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About 20% of soldiers said they were addicts, but most didn't continue drug use back home. Photo via

About 20% of soldiers said they were addicts, but most didn’t continue drug use back home. Photo via

Cuba and US on Same Drug-War Team
The US and Cuban governments have been enemies for many decades. But the US government quietly restored diplomatic relations recently, allowing Cuban cigars and rum into the US. They have also “quietly cooperated” in combatting drug trafficking. Drugs increasingly flow north from South America via the Caribbean; could the two countries be on their way to a buddy-cop friendship?

What Heroin Addiction Tells Us About Changing Bad Habits
This NPR piece tells the story of US soldiers in Vietnam in the 1970s, many of whom got hooked on heroin. The rate of those who remained addicted after leaving Vietnam was “shockingly low”—indicating the importance of environment in the makeup of addiction and illustrating the phenomenon of natural recovery.

Oklahoma Bill Would Bar Those With DUI Convictions From Buying Booze
State Sen. Patrick Anderson is proposing a new bill that would allow a judge to restrict the purchasing of alcohol by anyone with a DUI charge for a set period of time. Opponents of the bill have called it “crazy” and “hard to enforce.”

Colorado Launches Campaign Promoting Responsible Pot Use
A year after legalizing recreational pot for adults, Colorado is launching a $5.7 million “Good to Know” campaign to educate residents and tourists on how to use marijuana responsibly. The TV, radio and online campaign apparently takes a “folksy approach,” including banjo music and a “rhyming cowboy” voice. Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay!

Johnny Manziel Pelted With Drinks at Houston Nightclub
The Cleveland Browns Quarterback is getting some mixed signals (and drinks) thrown in his direction. Last week, an ESPN host called him out  on air for being an alcoholic and said he needed to seek help. Then last night, a group of his “fans” threw drinks at him at a night club in Houston, where he was “kicking back” with his friends.