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The Daily Buzz: January 7, 2014

Alcohol poisoning kills six Americans a day; UVA imposes new rules on frat parties after rape report; and UFC champion Jon Jones checks into rehab for cocaine addiction.

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Alcohol Poisoning Kills Six Americans a Day
Approximately 2,200 people in the US each year die from alcohol poisoning, or about six people a day, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which says the problem is greater than previously thought.

Drug Cartel Forced Members to Eat Human Hearts
Mexican drug cartels are known for brutal behavior but this is extreme, even for them. One gang reportedly forced some members to eat the hearts of murder victims as part of an initiation rite to root out potential infiltrators, according to a government security official. Even American college fraternities haven’t been known to take hazing this far.

Sober Monitors Must Attend UVA Frat Parties After Rape Report
But college fraternities that throw parties at the University of Virginia will now have to get three members to stay sober and monitor “behavior and bedrooms” to help prevent sexual assault. The new safety regulations have been imposed after a report of a gang rape at a UVA frat party gained widespread media attention. The new rules will also prohibit mixed drinks and require that a guard be posted at the front door throughout.

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UFC light heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones will not lose his crown. Photo via

Ladies: Best Time to Quit Smoking Is Right Before Your Period, Says Science
Women hoping to giving up smoking should time quitting for immediately before their period, according to new research. Seems like adding fuel to the fire—but apparently menstrual cycles can effect the intensity of cravings, and pre-menstrual hormones can also lessen physical withdrawal symptoms. Either way, stock up on cookies.

UFC Champion Jon Jones in Rehab After Testing Positive for Cocaine
Mixed Martial Arts champ Jon “Bones” Jones has reportedly checked himself into rehab for cocaine addiction after testing positive for benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, during a pre-fight urine test. Just days ago, he successfully defended his UFC light heavyweight title in Las Vegas—a title he can keep, in accordance with regulations, since he wasn’t using the substance before the fight. Whew!