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The Daily Buzz: January 9, 2015

Defiant politicians push ahead with pot legalization in DC; Israel bans underweight models to combat eating disorders; and Bill Cosby jokingly warns audience member to "be careful" drinking around him.

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Defiant D.C. Politicians Push Ahead With Pot Legalization
A legal pot battle is already on the agenda for the new anti-legalization Republican Congress. After a government funding bill was passed last month that could block DC from advancing its very popular new legal pot law, city leaders vowed to push ahead with the people’s decision. This week district councilman David Grosso introduced a clever new bill that does an end run enabling the city to tax and regulate pot like alcohol. Drama!

American Red Cross Admonished for Accepting Money from Big Tobacco?
The International Red Cross is pressuring the beleagured US arm of the organization to end its longtime policy of accepting donations from tobacco companies, claiming that the policy is “damaging the reputation” of the global brand. Why can’t the industry just line up to give blood like the rest of us?

Israel Bans “Underweight” Models to Combat Eating Disorders
Under new regulations aimed at reducing eating disorders in Israel, models will have to maintain a BMI of 18.5 or higher to walk on the catwalk or appear in ads. Ads will also be required to print a disclaimer if they digitally altered the models. Forks to mouths, you beauties!

Those Dry January People May Be Onto Something
Laying off the sauce for the first month (or, realistically, 17 days) of the New Year may actually be a pretty good idea. An experiment last year by New Scientist staffers found that even just a month of abstinence can improve your blood test results and even make you feel better.

Bill Cosby Jokingly Warns Audience: “Be Careful Drinking Around Me”
The comedian, who faces allegations of drugging and raping more than 15 women, was performing in Canada last night when a woman got up to walk out. Cosby asked why she was leaving and she said to get a drink. “You have to be careful about drinking around me,” he responded, prompting applause—whether for the joke or the advice was not clear.