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The Daily Buzz: July 10, 2014

Combo of patch and prescription drug is most effective way to quit smoking; Mexico's vigilante violence is getting closer to the US border; and POTUS passes on legal pot at a Denver bar, opting for beer instead.

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Combo Of Anti-Smoking Drug and the Patch Is Best Way to Quit Smoking, Says Study
Can’t decide between nicotine replacement therapy and an anti-smoking drug? You might want to double up. Combining the prescription drug varenicline (or Chantix) and a nicotine patch (or gum) is more effective at helping smokers quit than either method alone, according to a new study.

Mexico’s Vigilante Violence Is Getting Closer to the Texas Border
Groups of Mexican “vigilantes” take on drug traffickers and kidnappers where government and local authorities have failed. But some human rights groups warn that these “vigilantes” are only adding to the drug war violence. Moreover, the cartels and vigilantes have been battling it out in Mexican border states like Tamaulipas, which are close to Texas and home to a major US-Mexico trade route.

Colorado Completes 1st Legal Pot Market Study
In the past, studies of the pot market relied on anonymous surveys because purchasing was “under-the-table.” But no longer! A study of Colorado’s first three months of ”on-the-books” recreational pot sales finds: “total marijuana demand to be much larger than previously estimated.” The study estimates that the state’s total demand for medical and recreational pot is about 130 tons of weed a year—121 tons for residents and almost 9 tons for visitors.

Legal pot study

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“Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya Talks About Addiction and Sobriety
The one-time “Golden Boy” of boxing says, even at the height of his career and winning Olympic gold, he was losing a battle with alcoholism. Now, at 41 and after his second stint in rehab, he says: “I finally feel free. I finally feel at peace for the very first time in my life.”

VIDEO: President Obama Passes on Legal Pot
“Do you want to take a hit of this?” the President of the United States of America was asked while visiting a bar in Denver this week. Instead, he opted for a beer, some pizza and a game of pool with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper. Has anyone ever looked so cool turning down a joint?