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The Daily Buzz: July 15, 2014

Even moderate drinking could be bad for your heart; political feuding continues over DC's liberal marijuana law; and now-Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu is producing an environmentally-friendly vodka.

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Even Moderate Drinking Linked With Heart Problems
Whether or not moderate drinking is a friend to your internal organs has been the subject of exhaustive medical research. The latest findings are bad news for booze-lovers, linking even light to moderate alcohol consumption with an increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation. But there could be different findings just around the corner, so take this with a grain of salt. (But not too much salt!)

DC Mayor and Congressman Feud Over Marijuana Law
One of the nation’s most liberal marijuana laws–making pot possession punishable by only a $25 ticket—is about to pass in DC later this week. But Republican Congressman Andy Harris is attempting to block the law, which he claims will encourage more teens to use drugs. Fighting back, Mayor Vincent C. Gray urged district residents to boycott the beaches and resort towns in Harris’ district. Team Gray!

Marijuana Might Not Actually Get You “High”
Maybe Andy Harris would come around, if he knew that pot actually dulls the brain’s reaction to dopamine (the chemical responsible for feelings of reward and pleasure), according to a new study. Those who used weed regularly were found to score lower on tests of positive emotional activity and higher on negative emotional reactions. But if they start calling it “getting low,” people will still want to do it.

 Gerard Depardieu Russian Vodka

Gerard Depardieu

Rise in Heroin Deaths Is Happening Only Among White People
Heroin-related ER trips have risen dramatically in the US—but interestingly, only among white people, the Center for Disease Control reports. It seems heroin use has not actually increased by much among any other demographic groups.

Woman on “Meth Rampage” Haunts Couple’s Apartment, Hides Under Bed
A Seattle couple returned to their condo Wednesday night to find it completely trashed but no sign of whoever broke in (and nothing stolen). They were then “haunted” by the sounds of “a dying possum or raccoon” that turned out to be a woman hiding under their bed, who later told cops she had been on a days-long “meth rampage.”

Gerard Depardieu to Produce Enviro-Friendly Vodka in Russia
The French actor, now living in Russia, announced his plans to launch a new vodka that would be made of “ecologically pure” materials and water from mountain springs. Depardieu says this is his “first experience in producing heavy liquor” (though he has plenty of experience of imbibing itincluding a DUI arrest last year).

Image credit: By Georges Biard [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons