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The Daily Buzz: July 16, 2014

America's smokers are decreasing in number, but still 40 million strong; even Republicans now support legal pot; and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino talks about staying sober in the spotlight.

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America’s Smokers Are Decreasing, But Still 40 Million Strong
The US adult smoking rate has dropped to below 20%, compared with more than 40% half a century ago. But those who do smoke are increasingly poorer and less educated people.

FDA Fast-Tracks Nasal Spray Treatment for Opioid Overdoses
The FDA has decided to expedite the production of AntiOp—a nasal spray that administers naloxone, which can reverse opioid overdoses and has been proven to save lives.

Tennessee Woman Charged on Controversial Law that Criminalizes Drug Use During Pregnancy
Mallory Loyola, 26, was arrested for “assault” this week after both she and her newborn tested positive for meth. She was the first person to be charged under a new state law that makes it a crime to take drugs while pregnant.

Even Republicans Support Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Law
Americans on every side of the political spectrum are now apparently on board with legal weed. According to a YouGov poll: 68% of Democrats, 60% of independents and 52% of Republicans back Colorado’s legalization and regulation of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Mike ‘The Situation” Sorrentino Talks About His Post-Jersey Shore Sobriety
The 31-year-old reality star says being in recovery, even after Jersey Shore wrapped, has been a challenge “because of the parties and the traveling.” But “I just put my head down and kept moving forward.” He now has eight months with “no drugs, no prescription drugs, no hard drugs. None of that stuff.” He has a new show airing Tuesday, which explains this article.