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The Daily Buzz: July 18, 2014

World Health Organization calls for decriminalization of drug use to help reduce spread of HIV; FedEx indicted for trafficking illegal prescription drugs; and a study finds mixing booze with energy drinks makes you want to drink more.

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The World Health Organization Calls for the Decriminalization of Drug Use
As part of global efforts to reduce the spread of HIV, the United Nations’ top health agency has urged countries to stop criminalizing people who use drugs. In a new report, the WHO states (as they have in the past) that decriminalization would help curb the spread of HIV and other diseases among injectable drug users, as well as increasing access to treatment and reducing incarceration rates.

Vodka and Red Bull

The beginning of a long, long, long night. Photo via Pixabay.

FedEx Charged With Trafficking Illegal Prescription Drugs
The popular shipping company has been indicted by a federal grand jury on the grounds that it knowingly helped deliver prescription drugs for illegal Internet pharmacies for a decade, despite multiple warnings from the DEA. “FedEx knew that it was delivering drugs to dealers and addicts,” said the Justice Department. But a FedEx spokesman argues: ”We are a transportation company—we are not law enforcement.”

Does Mixing Booze With Energy Drinks Make You Want to Drink More?
An Australian study suggests that people who mix their vodka with Red Bull keep drinking longer than people drinking vodka with soda. This makes sense. Because if you are hopped up on vodka and Red Bulls, what else are you going to do—sleep? Visit the library?

This Anti-Heroin Drug Is Now King of the Jailhouse Drug Trade
A former New York state prisoner talks about how suboxone—a drug prescribed to ween people off heroin and other opioids—has replaced heroin as the most coveted drug in prisons, because it’s cheaper and easier to smuggle in. The pills, he explains, are smuggled in by guards or through the visiting room, or most commonly through a process called “boofing” (which involves a balloon and sounds uncomfortable).

Vodka and Whisky Battle it Out for World’s Second Most Popular Booze
The world’s #1 selling drink is Baijiu (a Chinese liquor distilled from grain), with 1.3 billion gallons sold a year. Vodka is second in global sales, followed closely by whisky. But whisky is predicted to out-sell vodka in 2018. In part because vodka consumption is falling in Russia, a country known for its vodka (and drinking in general). Time to step up your game, vodka.

Image credit: By Noelsch — Pixabay.com CC0 1.0