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The Daily Buzz: July 2, 2014

Florida sees major decline in prescription drug overdoses; Washington state set to sell legal pot, but doesn't have much to sell; and Sharon Osbourne attributes her weight struggles to food addiction.

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Report: Florida Sees Major Drop in Deaths From Prescription Drug Overdoses
Finally, some positive news about the opioid crisis: Florida’s death rate from prescription drug overdoses fell by 23% from 2010 to 2012 since the state began strengthening its prescribing laws and stepping up enforcement, according to the CDC. Researchers say this is the first documented drop in Rx drug deaths since the epidemic began over a decade ago.

Washington State’s Legal Pot Supply Is Low
Washington’s legal pot sellers are in the midst of a bureaucratic nightmare. Because of a slow licensing process, it looks like only about 20 shops will actually get licenses from the state on July 7, and demand will likely far exceed actual supply. State residents looking to buy bud on the 8th can expect epic lines—with possible disappointment waiting at the end.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction Should Continue After Hospital Discharge
Unsurprisingly, long-term treatment for addiction has been proven more effective than a quick fix. Heroin addicts who continue to receive outpatient addiction treatment after they’ve been discharged from the hospital are much less likely to relapse, according to a new study.

University of Arizona “Abruptly” Fires Pot Researcher
Suzanne A. Sisley, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, was fired by the University months after the FDA approved for her to study the effects of marijuana on patients with PTSD. Sisley claims she was fired because her research—and her personal pro-marijuana advocacy—riled the University’s major Republican donors. “This is a clear political retaliation for the advocacy and education I have been providing the public and lawmakers,” Sisley says. “This is not about my job performance.”

Sharon Osbourne Attributes Her Weight-Loss Struggle to Food Addiction
Even after losing a major amount of weight in the past with the help of gastric surgery, Sharon Osbourne says she continues to deal with food addiction. “We all have our own little addictions that we do not in moderation but too much, and mine is food,” she says. “I am a food addict.” Her husband, Ozzy, has famously dealt with his own addictions to alcohol and drugs.