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The Daily Buzz: July 22, 2014

More cops begin to help sex workers and drug users to reduce harm; South Korean gaming addicts could be exempt from mandatory military service; and a new phone app translates your sober texts into drunkspeak.

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Report: How Police, Sex Workers and People Who Use Drugs Are Joining Forces to Improve Health and Human Rights
Police get a pretty bad rap when it comes to enforcing our country’s drug laws—perhaps fairly, when many have been known to harass drug users, block access to treatment and medical care, and target minorities and low-income groups for arrests. But a new report highlights how increasingly, police are working with health experts and community groups to implement HIV-prevention programs and other harm reduction efforts. Go Po-po!

South Korean Gaming Addicts May Be Exempt From Military Service
Men between the ages of 18 and 35 are required to perform military service in South Korea. But a new report highlights a rule that exempts anyone who has received six or more months of treatment for addiction to alcohol, drugs or video games “and has demonstrated ineptitude of carrying out normal duties.” So far, no gaming addicts have qualified, despite the country’s well documented problem with gaming addiction.

Smoking While Pregnant Linked to ADHD in Children
Throughout the years, scientists have unearthed a laundry list of risks associated with smoking while pregnant. The latest is an increased risk of a child developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But this study “hints” (though doesn’t prove) that this particular risk could be linked to nicotine—rather than carcinogenic tar and smoke—so nicotine replacement therapies, like gum and the patch, could also put kids at higher risk of ADHD.

They're here to... help? Photo via

They’re here to… help? Photo via

Alleged Drug Cartel Leader Captured in Spain
Spanish cops have reportedly arrested “the mouse”—AKA Hernan Alonso Villa, one of Colombia’s most-wanted criminals and a leader of the Envigado Office drug cartel (a successor to the notorious Medellin Cartel, which is charged with hundreds of murders). It’s a slightly misleading moniker.

There’s an App That Lets You Text Like You’re Drunk When You’re Sober
If you want to text like you’re 12 beers in, but at no cost to your liver, a helpful new app will slur your texts for you! So you can send texts like “yi’m not drunfk, pi swbear” while staying safely sober. Technology continues to radically change lives.