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The Daily Buzz: June 10, 2014

More countries now include drugs and prostitution in their GDP estimates; Colorado made $5.3 million in marijuana taxes in April; and sober Rob Lowe reflects on drinking days past with Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen.

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More European Nations Including Drugs and Prostitution in GDP
The UK could add as much as $16.4 billion to its GDP this year by including drugs and prostitution in its projected gross domestic product (GDP)—enough to boost the size of its economy by 0.7%. Ireland and Italy have followed suit. But some economists says this new method is inaccurate and unnecessary. Are they just jealous?

Sinaloa Drug Cartel Leader Reported Dead From a Heart Attack
Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno, drug lord for one Mexico’s most feared and powerful cartels, has been reported as dead. A Mexican weekly claims he died of a heart attack at age 65 after living a relatively “discreet” life (for a drug lord).

Colorado’s Pot Tax Revenue Is High and Growing
The state made an estimated $5.3 million from medical and recreational pot taxes and fees in April, as folks flocked from all over to legally light up (and eat up) in celebration of 4/20. Colorado has earned a total of about $17.9 million in taxes from pot since it was legalized January. Ka-ching!

Florida Man Accused of Assaulting His Brother With Marijuana Plants
Pot has not hurt Colorado’s economy, but it did inflict some damage down in Florida, where a man has been accused of attacking his brother using marijuana plants from their yard. No word on whether the victim sustained any injury.

Pittsburgh Cops Seize Heroin and a Chicken at Home of Former Steeler
Authorities raided the home of former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Deshea Townsenda and arrested two men, seized 1,500 bricks of heroin, 16 guns, $100,000 in cash, two luxury cars, jewelry, and a live chicken. It’s unclear whether Townsenda was involved, or just had the worst tenants ever.

Rob Lowe Used to Party With Charlie Sheen and Robert Downy Jr.
The actor, who has now been sober 24 years, says he used to rage with “Brat Pack” cohort Robert Downey Jr., who has also been sober for years. He also used to wile out with Sheen—whom Lowe loves, “even though he hates sobriety.”