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The Daily Buzz: June 17, 2014

Mexico's drug cartels go wild on social media; a meth lab is busted in a California senior citizens' community; and ex-DC mayor Marion Barry talks about doing cocaine in the '80s.

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Mexico’s Drug Cartels Love Social Media, Too
What do you have in common with members of Mexico’s notorious drug gangs? Selfies! Theirs just contain more AK-47s, tigers and huge piles of cash. More often, younger members of drug cartels are maintaining a social media presence, since they don’t have much to hide. “If they can drive around Ciudad Juarez with an AK-47 hanging on their door, why should they worry about posting on Twitter?”

Colorado Considers Potency Rules for Pot Edibles
The state is reviewing how much THC is a reasonable amount to have in edible marijuana products, like candy, cookies and even coffee. Before chowing down, keep in mind Bill Maher’s rules for amateur pot users, so as to avoid pulling a Maureen Dowd.

Can’t Quit Smoking? Blame Your Brain
Some people can kick the habit, but for others it’s an ongoing battle. A new study suggests that some smokers might have a harder time quitting because their brains have a weaker response to rewards. So they don’t register the potential rewards of being a non-smoker—for example, being awesome at breathing.

Meth Lab Discovered in California Retirement Community
Police were reportedly “shocked” to discover a 64-year-old man was cooking methamphetamine in his senior citizens’ complex, until they realized it was “actually a perfect place to do it.” Said the officer who busted him: “retirement village, who would suspect it going on there?” Good point.

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Details His Cocaine Use in the ’80s
In his new autobiography Mayor for Life, the 78-year-old ex-mayor describes in detail his first time doing cocaine, which started in Woody Allen-esque fashion: “I exhaled instead of inhaled and blew all the powder off the card.” But it ended well: “It felt like I had ejaculated.” Barry secured re-election in 1994 despite an arrest in 1990 when someone filmed him smoking crack cocaine. Sounds a little familiar.