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The Daily Buzz: June 18, 2014

Florida and New York inch toward legalizing medical marijuana; more smokers are using apps to quit; and Toronto mayor Rob Ford will return to office after rehab.

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Florida and New York Inch Toward Legalizing Medical Marijuana
This week, Florida’s governor Rick Scott signed a medical marijuana bill, which will now be subject to a referendum. And New York is on the cusp, though Governor Cuomo stalled that bill Tuesday, since it would allow for pot to be smoked. “This is supposed to be for serious diseases,” he said. Over 100 patients and their caregivers are rallying in Albany today in support of the Compassionate Care Act.

More Smokers Use Apps to Quit
Growing numbers of flashy, high-tech phone apps promise to help you quit smoking–like wireless lighters that track activity, e-cigs that measure nicotine intake and even apps to monitor your life expectancy. But when will they release an app to help you with your crippling smartphone addiction?

Heavily Armed Albanian Pot Farmers Exchange Fire With 800 Police
Authorities stormed a “lawless” village in southern Albania yesterday and engaged in gun battle with cannabis growers who defended themselves with anti-tank grenades and heavy machine-guns. The village, which employs thousands of marijuana growers, has been “beyond government control” since the ’90s.

Hillary Clinton Leaves Door Open on Marijuana Legalization
WWCD (What Would Clinton Do)? The 2016 presidential hopeful says she is pro medical marijuana “for people who are in extreme medical conditions” but wants to “wait and see” how recreational pot pans out in Colorado and Washington state.

Rob Ford Will Return to the Toronto Mayor’s Office After Rehab
The politician, currently finishing up a two-month stint in rehab, has announced he will return to office on June 30. Though currently behind in the polls, he stands a chance of being re-elected in October: The media has mocked him endlessly, but voters have been known to forgive their mayors for smoking crack.