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The Daily Buzz: June 20, 2014

New York set to legalize medical marijuana (but not smoking it); sun tanning could be addictive; and a man tries to smuggle 3 lbs of cocaine into the US in a batch of cookies.

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Sunbathing? Or getting high for free? Photo via

Can’t get enough of that sun-drug buzz. Photo via Shutterstock.

New York Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Governor Cuomo has announced the passing of the Compassionate Care Act, which will legalize medical marijuana for patients suffering from certain diseases, including AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and cancer. However, there’s a catch: smoking it will still be illegal—it’s drinking, eating and vaping only.

Sun Tanning May Trigger an Addictive Pathway in the Brain
Scientists have discovered that exposure to UV rays may release endorphins, and could therefore “act like an addiction” in your brain. But so far the theory has only been tested on mice (with shaved backs). On a tiny beach with mini umbrellas?

Top Drug Cartel Members Arrested in Mexico
Reportedly two alleged top members of the powerful Zetas and Gulf drug cartels have been arrested in Mexico’s border state of Tamaulipas, which has been terrorized by the cartels in recent months.

A Day at the First American Rehab for Gaming and Internet Addiction
Vice pays a visit to reSTART, the country’s first in-patient treatment facility devoted solely to treating video game and Internet addiction, which the center terms “intimacy disorder.” Interestingly, there are no girls allowed.

Customs Intercept 3 Lbs. of Cocaine in Cookies at Newark Airport
A Guatemalan man failed to make it past US Customs and Border Protection with his batch of cookies, which had approximately $52,000 worth of blow stuffed inside. He has been arrested and the cookies (after the cocaine was removed) were probably thrown out. What a waste of cookies.