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The Daily Buzz: June 23, 2014

Americans being treated for pain now more likely to consider addiction risk; richer Brits are much less likely to be punished for drug offenses; and all hell breaks loose at a boozy Luke Bryan concert in Pittsburgh.

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Americans Weigh Addiction Risk When Taking Prescribed Painkillers
With painkiller misuse and overdoses on the rise, doctors and patients grapple with how to weigh the risks of addiction with the need to medicate pain. A new poll shows that 36% of Americans who have taken narcotic painkillers as prescribed are concerned about the possibility of getting addicted.

South Korea Could Regulate Gaming Like Drugs and Alcohol
Out of concern for the country’s growing problem with gaming addiction, the government has introduced a law which would regulate online gaming like drugs or alcohol. But representatives from Korea’s multi-million dollar gaming industry are, unsurprisingly, opposed.

Britain’s Upper Classes Less Likely to Be Busted for Drugs
Members of UK’s upper crust—like bankers, doctors, and lawyers—are three times more likely to be let off with a slap on the wrist for drug offenses than unemployed people, according to new research from the London School of Economics (LSE). And nearly 93% of arrests of those stopped for drug possession were people from lower socio-economic classes. If only the US could boast fairer policies.

True Blood Actor Chris Bauer Talks About His Seven Years of Sobriety
Bauer, 47, has been describing his alcoholic past: “It was a slow-motion catastrophe,” he tells People magazine. “I wasn’t just out of control, I was 100% off my path.” Now, his career has flourished and he can ”bench press more at 47 years old than I could playing football my senior year in high school!” Get sober and you, too, could win money, fame and superhuman strength. Or at least no more beer empties cluttering your tiny apartment.

All Hell Breaks Out at Luke Bryant Concert in Pittsburgh
Country music and booze didn’t mix well at a Luke Bryan concert this weekend, where seven fans were arrested, 15 fights broke out in the parking lot, and over 100 911 calls were made. One news report of the chaos shows a concert-goer who is so drunk that he is now a YouTube star.