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The Daily Buzz: June 25, 2014

Schizophrenia and marijuana use may have a common genetic cause; Colombia imposes widespread booze bans as World Cup death toll rises; and a two-year old Chinese boy is the "world's youngest alcoholic."

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Smoking more addictive and dangerous

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Study: Schizophrenia and Pot Use Have “Genetic Link”
The 1936 film Reefer Madness (and ensuing misinformation about marijuana) is based on the idea that pot can cause psychosis. Some past studies have found that a history of marijuana use nearly doubles the likelihood of developing a psychotic illness later in life. But a new study suggests that pot doesn’t cause psychosis—instead, having a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia (a disease marked by “psychotic” episodes) may simply be associated with a higher likelihood of smoking pot.

Drug Cartel Leader Arrested in Mexico
Fernando Sánchez Arellano, head of the once-powerful Arellano Felix drug cartel, was reportedly arrested while watching Mexico’s soccer team play in the World Cup. He had $100,000 in cash with him at the time, because of course he did.

More Colombian Cities Ban Booze as World Cup Violence Rises
More towns and cities in Colombia have joined Bogota in banning alcohol sales as the country advances in the World Cup, leading to a rise in booze-fueled violence that has resulted in 10 reported deaths so far.

Smoking Is More Addictive and Dangerous Than It Was 50 Years Ago
Big Tobacco is not getting nicer with age—in fact, according to a tobacco-free charity, it’s getting worse. In the past half-century, tobacco manufacturers are getting even smarter about designing products that will get people hooked on their product, appeal to younger, new smokers and have more harmful effects.

Faces & Voices of Recovery Honors Former NBA Star Chris Herren Today
Herren’s past includes an addiction to pills, crystal meth and heroin and a nearly-fatal DUI accident. Since getting sober, he has traveled around the country and spoken to hundreds of thousands of people about addiction and recovery, and released a memoir Basketball Junkie. 

Chinese Toddler Is “World’s Youngest Alcoholic”
In today’s horrifying news: A two-year-old in China named Cheng Cheng will reportedly “scream” unless his parents give him alcohol and guzzles multiple bottles of booze a day. Authorities are now “dealing with the situation.”