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The Daily Buzz: June 26, 2014

Thousands across the globe protest the drug war today; House Republicans are trying to prevent DC from decriminalizing marijuana; and Kesha talks about getting treatment for her eating disorder.

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Today Is the Global Day of Action Against the Drug War
Today’s the day! Thousands of activists are rallying in 100 cities across the globe for “Support. Don’t punish”—a global day of action demanding basic human rights for people who use drugs (set to coincide with the UN’s International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking). Here in New York, drug policy reform advocates will be taking their protest right to the source: the United Nations HQ. Substance.com will be there, so stay tuned!

House Republicans Block Funding for DC Marijuana Decriminalization
Some people who need to hear the message: House Republicans who have blocked funding for a new law—set to take effect next month—which would eliminate the possibility of jail time for pot possession in DC. Instead, offenders would be punished with a $25 fine. But now, the future of the law is unclear.

Colorado Detox Facility Sees 50% Rise in Pot DUIs
Granted, marijuana law reforms can come with complications: Stoned driving may be on the rise in Colorado since the state legalized six months ago. Arapahoe House, a Denver detox facility, says 15% of its patients arrested for driving under the influence were under under the influence of marijuana, up from 8% in the same time period in 2013.

Heat, Booze and Molly Blamed for Fiasco at Boston Dance Party
At least 70 teen concertgoers were reported “ill” and 22 were sent to the ER after a “raging, electric dance concert” in Boston last night. News reporters are blaming a trifecta of heat, alcohol and party drug Molly. Apparently some teens were “strapped to stretchers, screaming”—which could be a side effect of Molly, or else a side effect of being strapped to a stretcher.

Kesha Says Talks About Going to Rehab
The pop star, 27, says seeking in-patient treatment for an eating disorder was the “scariest thing I’ve ever done” (and apparently she has swum with sharks and jumped out of airplanes for fun!). She says fame and media scrutiny of her body exacerbated her issues, but now that she got help, she’s feeling “much stronger” and ready to “take life by the horns.”