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The Daily Buzz: June 27, 2014

Drinking is responsible for 10% of US adult deaths; strand of "flesh-eating cocaine" causes panic; and Canada invents a beer fridge that only opens for those who can sing the national anthem of Canada correctly.

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Study: Drinking Responsible for 10% of US Adult Deaths
“Excessive” alcohol consumption—which includes binge drinking or heavy weekly consumption (15 or more a week for men, eight for women)—is responsible for one in 10 deaths of adults aged 20-64, according to new findings from the CDC. Over half of these deaths were a direct result of binge drinking and 71% of casualties were men.

Report: More Americans Are Using Pot, and Seeking Treatment for Pot-Related Issues
More people around the world—including in North America—are smoking/eating/vaping marijuana and also seeking treatment for pot dependency or other health issues related to marijuana use, according to the UN global drugs report released yesterday. The report cautions that the relationship between legalization and use remains a correlation, not necessarily a cause—but the news could still send legalization opponents into a tizzy.

Everyone Freaks Out Over Cocaine That Will Eat Your Face
Speaking of drug-induced panic: After several reported cases of a mysterious “flesh-eating disease” in New York and LA, a handful of doctors are blaming the veterinary drug levamisole, which is often used to cut cocaine. Dr. Noah Craft, a dermatologist from California, weighs in to say that it’s a “big problem” though no one knows how big—it’s apparently “like HIV” and can impact anyone, “rich or poor, black or white.”

This guy loves his country.

This guy loves his country.

Could a Cocaine-Busting “Mutant” Enzyme Treat Overdoses?
But not all cocaine will eat your face—in fact, the drug could actually be put to positive use (other than making your drunk last longer). Researchers say that a natural enzyme found in cocaine could be transformed into a possible means of flushing out toxic levels of the drug from your body in the event of an OD.

Canadian Beer Fridge Only Opens for Those Who Can Sing the National Anthem
Canada’s largest brewing company, Molson, have invented a patriotic beer fridge that will only open for people who can sing the correct lyrics to the nation’s anthem, “O Canada” (an upgrade from the fridge they debuted at the 2014 Winter Olympics that opened only to Canadian passport holders). The campaign is part of a celebration of Canada Day, which, in case you didn’t know, is July 1st. Time to brush up on your lyrics.