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The Daily Buzz: June 3, 2014

Marijuana might actually cause sleeplessness; the E-Cigarette industry is called the "new Joe Camel" for targeting kids; and One Direction member apologizes for smoking pot in video.

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Are E-Cigarette companies following in Joe Camel's footsteps by targeting young people? Photo via

Are E-Cigarette companies following in Joe Camel’s footsteps by targeting young people? Photo via Shutterstock.

Study: Marijuana Might Actually Cause Sleeplessness
The conventional belief that pot helps you sleep might actually be backwards: a new study has found higher incidences of restlessness and sleep deprivation among marijuana users. Is nothing sacred!?

Marijuana Coffee Is Coming to Washington State
But good news, sleepy marijuana users: you will soon be able to “wake-and-bake” with a cup of THC-infused Joe. A brand of marijuana coffee, called “Legal,” is coming to Washington state. Each bottle contains about 20 mg of THC which is about as mind-altering as “a nice IPA or glass of wine.” Whatever you need to get through the morning!

Is the E-Cigarette Industry Targeting Kids?
Some anti-smoking advocates are accusing E-Cigarette companies of becoming the new “Joe Camel,” since research finds that more young people are being exposed to E-cigarette ads alongside popular TV shows. Joe Camel was the mascot for Camel cigarettes who made smoking look appealing to kids in the ’80s and ’90s.  Who doesn’t want to be as cool as a sunglasses-wearing camel?

Rob Ford Set To Go Back to Work After Rehab
Toronto’s now-infamous mayor is reportedly scheduled to check out of rehab in Canada and to return to work on July 1. He checked in to the facility for alcohol and drug problems a month ago, and was conducting interviews from rehab just a week later. One day at a time, Rob. One day at a time.

One Direction Singer Apologizes for Pot Smoking Video
Liam Payne apologized, via Twitter of course, on behalf of the band for the recent video showing his band members smoking marijuana in Peru. “We are only in our 20′s we all do stupid things at this age,” he said. It’s okay, kid, sometimes adults do stupid things, too—like watch videos about things 20-year-old boy bands do and then talk about it on the Internet.