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The Daily Buzz: June 30, 2014

New Mexico and other mountain states have highest rates of drinking-related death; Washington, DC could legalize marijuana despite opposition from Congress; and Bill Clinton says states should "experiment" with legalization.

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Graphic: The States Where Binge Drinking Is Deadliest 

Mountain-region states have the highest rate of alcohol-related death rates in the country, according to new data from the CDC. New Mexico has the highest rate at 16.4%, while Maryland has the lowest rate at 7.5%.  The national average is one in 10 deaths of working age adults are caused by alcohol, with binge drinking the primary culprit.

DC Could Vote on Legalizing Marijuana, Despite Opposition From Congress
A new measure that would fully legalize possession of marijuana in DC could easily be voted into law, since polls show voters in the district support legalization by two to one. But House Republicans—who just last week blocked funding for a measure to decriminalize pot possession—could prevent this measure from reaching the ballot.

Bill Clinton Says States Should “Experiment” With Marijuana Legalization
What would Bill Clinton do? Well, the former president says he thinks it should be up to the states—not the federal government—to decide. He adds: “There’s a lot of evidence to argue for the medical marijuana thing.” Back when he was campaigning for president, Clinton famously said he had smoked weed once or twice in the ’60s but “didn’t inhale” and also that he “didn’t like it.” Maybe he should try inhaling?

Woman Orders French Fries From Sonic, Gets Free Weed
Another person who isn’t such a fan of the weed: the Maryland woman who alerted police when she was served a baggie of pot with her fast-food order at a Sonic drive-in. Apparently the baggie had slipped from an employee’s apron into the fries; it was not a new promotional gimmick.

Half of iPhone Mishaps Caused by Drunk Texting
You should probably avoid drunk texting if you want to save your relationship (with your phone). One in three American iPhone owners is using a damaged phone, according to a new study, and 47% of these damages were caused by people dropping their phones while drunk. Other hazards of drunk iPhone use may include accidental texts to exes and ordering from Seamless web at 3 am.