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The Daily Buzz: June 6, 2014

Men who drink too much are more likely to father sons who abstain, claims study; Russia bans indoor smoking; and smugglers in Peru switched other commercial passengers' baggage with suitcases full of cocaine.

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Russian Smokers

It’s the dawn of a new era for Russia’s smokers. Photo via Shutterstock.

Study: Men Who Drink Heavily More Likely to Have Sons Who Don’t Drink
According to some ethically perplexing research, male mice given copious amounts of alcohol prior to breeding later had male offspring that were less likely to consume alcohol and were “more sensitive” to its effects. Or did the little mice just remember Dad’s drinking and were “no way going down that road”?

Russia’s Anti-Smoking Law Goes in to Effect
Russia—the fourth largest smoking market in the world—banned smoking in all restaurants, bars, hotels and trains this week. Now its estimated 44 million smokers are adapting to taking outdoor smoke breaks. “When it is summer, it is not so annoying,” says a Russian smoker. “But when it is cold, you should put on your coat and go somewhere.”

Cocaine Smugglers Swapped Fliers’ Baggage on Commercial Flights
Peru’s narcs have broken up a major drug ring that shipped cocaine from Lima’s international airport to Mexico on commercial flights, swapping out passengers’ luggage with similar-looking suitcases full of blow. (The passengers’ real bags would be put on later flights—they were drug smugglers, not monsters!)

Is Eating Marijuana Really Riskier Than Smoking It?
Edible marijuana is apparently causing a lot of problems lately—from rising ER visits in Colorado,  to Maureen Dowd’s account of her very bad trip. But is edible pot really more potent than the smokable version, or do people just not know how to use it correctly? The answer is: a little of both.

Man Steals 50 Golf Clubs, Cops Blame “Golf Addiction”
A 26-year-old man from Washington was arrested on suspicion of stealing up to $9,200-worth of golf clubs from the Gold Mountain Golf Course. “Burglaries are often the result of addictions,” says the local police chief. “I think this is the first one we have seen that looks like a golf addiction.” Cops: They’re way ahead of the DSM.