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The Daily Buzz: May 1, 2014

Social cocaine use linked to cardiovascular problems; Tennessee makes pre-natal drug use a criminal offense; and Zac Efron thanks AA for helping him get back on his feet.

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Even Casual Cocaine Use Can Harm Your Heart, Say Doctors
People who use cocaine recreationally have higher blood pressure, stiffer arteries, and poorer blood circulation, according to new research. You can be at risk, even if you’re just a “weekend warrior.”

Gunfight Rages Near US-Mexican Border, Killing 14
Drug cartel members and federal police opened fire at each other on Tuesday in what was reportedly one of the worst gunfights in the drug war’s history, since 2006. The violence took place in the city of Reynosa, just miles from the Texas border.

Tennessee Will Criminalize Moms Who Use Drugs While Pregnant
As of July 1, a new law will be enacted stating that pregnant women in the state can be incarcerated for harm done to their infants caused by pre-natal drug use. Civil and reproductive rights groups say that the law will drive women away from addiction treatment.

UK Defense Minister Says Armed Forces “Drink to Oblivion”
Anna Soubry called on the government to crack down on the boozing culture within the British military. She also wants to end discounted and comped drinking on military bases.

DEA Head Warns of Spike in Marijuana-Trafficking Near Colorado
Head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Michele Leonhart, said legalizing marijuana has led to a surge in illegal pot shipments from Colorado to neighboring states. She also voiced her support of mandatory minimum sentencing, which Obama has opposed. Are the DEA and the White House getting a divorce? (fingers crossed)

Zac Efron Opens Up About His Recovery From Addiction
The 26-year-old actor credits AA with helping him stay sober and get his life back together since his stint in rehab a year ago. “It’s been an interesting journey,” he said, but “things are so much easier now.” Woo hoo, Zac!