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The Daily Buzz: May 12, 2014

Iranian female drug addicts are beginning to seek treatment, despite taboos; England's drinking water is contaminated with cocaine; and Rosie O'Donnell talks about the challenges of kicking sugar addiction.

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Drug-Addicted Women in Iran Begin Seeking Treatment Despite Taboo
Attitudes towards addiction in Iran are ultra-conservative, especially towards women. Some fundamentalists even believe female addicts should go to jail (this is true in the US, too, btw). But a substance-abuse rehab center for women in Tehran is a promising sign that attitudes are slowly changing.

Addict. Informant. Mother.
New York Times profiles a 25-year-old mother-of-two with a heroin addiction, who has agreed to work with the police by ratting out her dealers in order to avoid going to jail.

Anti-Cartel Vigilantes in Mexico Resist Government Control
The Mexican government is trying to rein in armed militia groups who have sprung up throughout the state of Michoacan, to fight the drug cartels. But these “self-defense” groups do not want to be reined in.

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British Drinking Water is Contaminated With Cocaine!?
Cocaine use in the UK has become so common that traces of the drug have contaminated the drinking water supply, according to a new report. So don’t drink from a British faucet unless you want to talk too much at the party and then have a headache tomorrow!

Three Months Since Legalizing Marijuana, Colorado is Rolling in Dough
Guess it pays to legalize pot!┬áColorado retailers have sold nearly $19 million in recreational weed in March, up from $14 million in February. And apparently crime is going down, too. “Ka-ching!” says Colorado.

Rosie O’Donnell Talks About Her Recovery From Sugar Addiction
The comedian and talk show host says kicking sugar has been a challenge, comparing her addiction to alcoholism or heroin addiction (science will back that!). She says she’s much healthier since quitting the white crystals last year, but still craves her poison-of-choice: Swedish Fish.