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The Daily Buzz: May 13, 2014

Uruguay's President urges President Obama to take action against Big Tobacco; the founder of Mexico's ultra-violent Los Zetas cartel is killed in gun battle; and science confirms that alcohol really DOES make people more attractive.

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Smoking and children

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Uruguayan President Tells Obama the US Needs to Stop Smoking
José Mujica is progressive on pot (his country just made it legal nationwide), but he is not a fan of tobacco, which he calls “murder.” During a visit to the White House yesterday, he noted that tobacco kills more than world wars and urged President Obama to take action.

Los Zetas Cartel Founder Shot Dead in Mexico
The founder of one of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels was killed in a clash with the military today, said authorities. Galdino Mellado Cruz (or “Z-9″) was one of the most wanted drug war criminals.

Children of Smoking Addicts More Likely to Become Heavy Smokers
Yeah, a lot of those kids who stole cigarettes from mom’s purse or dad’s jacket pocket grow up to be pack-a-day smokers. No huge surprise here.

Flavor Chemists Make Your Food Intentionally Addictive
Did you know there is a secret multi-billion dollar industry engineering the flavors in pre-packaged foods, to make it so you can’t stop eating them? Well, there is, and it’s probably the reason we’re all hooked on food.

Science Confirms Beer Goggles Are Real
Even a small amount of alcohol can make other people seem more attractive, according to a new study. And a large amount of alcohol can make them look like Ryan Gosling spawned with an angel from Heaven, according to a less-official study.