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The Daily Buzz: May 15, 2014

Indiana courts grapple with state law that criminalizes being "annoying" while drunk; e-cigarettes and "vaping" are much more popular among people with depression and anxiety; and a "less addictive" Flappy Bird will be back soon.

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"I'll be back." Photo via

“I’ll be back.” Photo via

Maternal Smoking Tied to Inhibition-Related Brain Differences in Kids
Mothers who smoke while pregnant may be more likely to give birth to babies who grow up to be less inhibited adults, says a new study. Does this mean we can all blame our bad behavior on mom’s Menthol habit?

Indiana Court to Decide What Constitutes a Criminally “Annoying” Drunk Person
Under the state’s public intoxication law, a person who has been drinking in public can be criminally charged if they “harass, annoy or alarm another person.” Now the courts are trying to nail down “what is meant by annoying” in the case of a man who was arrested for drunkenly rubbing a police officer the wrong way. Are all of the state’s college students in prison?

Colorado Pot Laws Prevent Smoking It in Public, But What Counts as “Public”?
More word-related drama: In Colorado, recreational marijuana is legal but “open and public consumption” is not. Turns out, authorities have been more rigid than expected about what constitutes “public.”

E-Cigs, Vaping Are More Popular Among People With Depression and Anxiety
People with depression, anxiety and other mental disorders are more than twice as likely to use e-cigarettes and three times as likely to “vape,” according to a new study. Maybe these devices help us relax and feel happy, okay!?

“Less Addictive” iPhone Game Flappy Bird Will Return in August
The iOS game supposedly even more addictive than CandyCrush (terrifying) was removed from the Apple Store earlier this year because it was “too addictive.” But its designer is releasing a new version this August, which will supposedly be a little less crack-like. Let’s hope so, or the end of society is nigh.