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The Daily Buzz: May 16, 2014

Drug policy experts "shock" Senators with news of America's growing opioid epidemic; common misuse of "study drugs" could be damaging young people's brains; and the US gets its very first marijuana-edibles food truck.

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Drug Policy Experts and Senators Discuss US Oxy and Heroin Problem
Some of the country’s leading drug policy experts spoke on the Senate floor yesterday about how to handle the growing opioid epidemic, which is leading to rising heroin addiction. Senators were reportedly “shocked” to hear about how serious things have gotten. Don’t they read Substance.com!?

Calls for DEA Chief to Resign
Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama have proposed multiple drug policy reform policies (yay) but DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart is not on board with any of them (boo). Also, the justice dept. is looking in to multiple scandals surrounding the agency. Activists are using the hashtag #FireLeonhart on Twitter to try and get her ousted, because that’s the world we live in. Tweet away, folks: #FireLeonhart

Marijuana and food trucks can finally marry legally! Photo via

Marijuana and food trucks: together at last! Photo via

The FDA Says E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful Than Smoking
The government’s chief tobacco regulator announced that e-cigarettes are “almost certainly” healthier than tobacco cigarettes, but that they still need to be regulated. How breathing in pure vapor could be more dangerous than breathing in muggy Manhattan springtime air remains a mystery! But life is full of mysteries.

Popular “Study Drugs” Could Harm Young Brains
More and more college students take stimulants or “smart drugs” (like ADHD medication) not-as-prescribed, in order to help them boost their academic performances. But a new study says these drugs can cause long-term damage to the brain. Looks like kids should revert to the old-fashioned method: CliffsNotes.

Marijuana Food Truck Rolls Into Washington
“The Samich” is America’s first marijuana-food truck, launched by a company based in Seattle (where weed is now becoming legal in case you missed the memo). The menu has included PB&J, pulled pork and grilled cheese sandwiches, all containing oil, butter or cheese infused with THC. Maybe it should roll up in front of Michele Leonhart’s house, just a suggestion?