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The Daily Buzz: May 2, 2014

Afghanistan's opium problem seems unstoppable; Connecticut made medical marijuana legal, but you still can't buy it; and Demi Lovato talks about battling addiction and mental illness as her career takes off.

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Ending Afghanistan’s Opium Addiction Seems “Implausible”
As US troops pull out of the country, the booming opium industry is growing and fueling Taliban insurgents, according to a new report from the Pentagon.

An Afghan Village Of Drug Addicts, From Ages 10 to 60
Speaking of Afghanistan’s opium problem: NPR visits the town of Herat, with one of the highest rates of drug addiction in the country—where children as young as 10 are hooked.

How a Mexican Town Toppled a Drug Cartel and Established Its Independence
The small town of Cherán rose up against the La Familia cartel which was terrorizing them—a rare story of hope.

Connecticut Allows Medical Marijuana, But You Still Can’t Buy It
State law has approved the sale of marijuana for medical purposes for two years, but sellers still encounter major hurdles.

Do Beer Calories Actually Go Straight to Your Belly?
Consuming excessive calories from alcohol—and subsequent snacking—can cause significant weight gain, but there’s no scientific evidence that it goes to your belly more than anywhere else.

Demi Lovato: “I’m Very Proud of How Far I’ve Come”
Since seeking treatment for her addiction, eating disorder and bipolar disorder, the 21-year-old pop star says she’s stayed sober—even through her 21st birthday. And her career is on the up-and-up.