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The Daily Buzz: May 20, 2014

The three deadliest drugs in America are all completely legal; Chicago decriminalized pot but continues to arrest people for minor possession; and model/actress Amber Valetta talks about her 15 years of sobriety.

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The Three Deadliest Drugs in America Are All Completely Legal
That’s right. The biggest killers aren’t heroin or Molly, but the government-approved trio of: tobacco, alcohol and prescription pills. Facebook didn’t make the list—but don’t post statuses while driving, kids.

To Beat the Black Market, Uruguay Won’t Tax Its Legal Weed
Meanwhile, this Latin American country is currently launching the world’s first national marijuana market. In an attempt to undercut competition from black-market weed smuggled in from Paraguay, the government-grown weed will be tax-free. Uruguay is everyone’s cool uncle.

Chicago Decriminalized Pot But Continues to Arrest People for Minor Possession
About 93% of misdemeanor pot possession violations resulted in arrest in Chicago, says a study—despite recent legislation that has decriminalized carrying small amounts of pot. Someone get Uruguay on the phone!

Maryland Decriminalizes Minor Pot Possession and Legalizes Medical Marijuana
Meanwhile this state’s governor signed two bills into law: one bill allowing medical marijuana for patients with specific ailments, and the other decriminalizing minor possession. Now they just have to avoid the “Chicago problem.”

Model Amber Valletta Talks About Being Sober for 15 Years
The actress, model and “addict through and through” talks about her history with substances and how the public views addiction. “It’s still treated as something shameful: If you were strong enough you would fix it,” she says. “If you were strong enough, could you fix breast cancer?”

“High-Elf” Attacks Car With Machete in Portland, Oregon
A man named Konrad Bass and calling himself “warrior of Middle Earth” explained that he hacked apart a car because he was a “high-elf engaged in battle with the evil Morgoth.” Cops had a different explanation: LSD. It’s far from being one of the top-three killer drugs (see above), but it’s probably one of the top-three causes of people believing they’re elves.