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The Daily Buzz: May 23, 2014

Even thinking about drinking alcohol can make you more aggressive; Italy will include cocaine sales in its GDP; and Trent Reznor says sobriety inspires his creative process.

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Alcohol Makes You More Aggressive Even Before You Drink It
Even just the thought of alcohol can heighten physical aggression, according to newly-published research.

Cocaine Sales to Be Included in Italian GDP To Boost Budget
Italy has decided to include prostitution and illegal drug sales in its GDP—the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a year. This is to show that the recession isn’t actually that bad—it’s just that a lot of money is being made and spent on drugs and prostitutes.

Apple App Store Bans Weed Dealer Game
Apple refuses to sell a game that lets you follow a pot dealer named “Ted Growing” as he fights cops and gangsters to “become the biggest weed dealer in town.”

Trent Reznor Says Sobriety Inspires His Creative Process
The Nine Inch Nails frontman credits his 12 years of sobriety for inspiring him. “Getting sober and getting my life in order has really changed my perspective on the creative process,” he says. “It used to be fraught with fear.” Though making music is still difficult, he says now “it’s become something I actually enjoy.”

Courtney Love Says She Tried to “Mentor” Peaches Geldof
In less heartwarming celebrity news: The Hole rocker says she “pushed” Peaches Geldof out the door after the young star showed up at Love’s hotel with 500 “hillbilly heroin” pills.