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The Daily Buzz: May 29, 2014

More evidence that junk food is like drugs, and our kids are getting hooked; heroin use in white suburbia continues to garner news attention; and the pilot of a Houston-bound flight gets stomach problems—from the cocaine he had stashed in there.

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Hey kids! You will never be satisfied again! Isn’t that grrrrrrrrreat? Photo via Shutterstock.

Junk Food May Be “Addictive” to Kids
According to yet more research, highly-processed, sugary, fatty foods can be as addictive as drugs—leading to a loss of control, tolerance, and withdrawal. This is especially bad news for kids who get hooked on these foods early on and can’t kick the habit in adulthood. But don’t worry—Michelle Obama is on it!

Alcohol Taxes Should Be Tripled
In case you hadn’t heard the news, the War on Drugs has been a massive, very expensive failure. So does that mean it’s time to shift course and wage war on booze? Alcohol does kill somebody every 10 seconds. This author lays out the possible benefits of a “Prohibition Lite.”

The Feds Have Their Official Marijuana Stash Locked in a Vault in Mississippi
The DEA’s only official weed stash is in a steel vault at the University of Mississippi. It’s strictly only for researchers who want to conduct FDA-approved tests on using marijuana for medical purposes, and it’s guarded with Ocean’s Eleven-like security. There are even fake weed decoys to throw off potential thieves. Like weed is really that hard to find elsewhere? Don’t flatter yourselves, DEA.

Another News Story About Heroin in White Suburbia
Heroin is “not an inner-city problem anymore,” according to this article, and many other recent articles. This could explain why the country’s heroin problem is suddenly getting so much media attention. Because rich, white people dying is news. At least policy is starting to change, and it’s saving lives.

Pilot Arrested After Failed Attempt to Smuggle Cocaine in Stomach
A Texas pilot aboard a Houston-bound flight from Colombia (where he’d spent the weekend loading up on cocaine) got sick mid-flight when a balloon full of blow ruptured in his stomach. He was arrested when the plane landed. Sidebar: Do you know where your cocaine has been?