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The Daily Buzz: May 30, 2014

Marijuana compound "could protect your brain" from meth; Denver's air travelers are surprisingly compliant about not flying with weed; and former Miss Universe dons makeup to "look like a smoker."

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Marijuana Could Protect Your Brain From Meth
THC—the compound in pot that gets you high—could also protect your brain from the potential damaging effects of methamphetamine use, according to new research. Abstaining from meth is still the No.1 way to protect your brain from meth…but this could be a promising secondary option.

Denver Fliers Complying With Airport Pot Rules
Pot is legal in Colorado, but you can’t fly in and out of the state with it. And surprisingly, out of the millions of people who passed through the Denver airport since January, the TSA has only nabbed 10 trying to transport weed. Either everyone is suddenly really good at following rules, or the Denver TSA are super chillaxing on the job.

There are a few flaws in this campaign. Photo via

Don’t smoke, professional beauty queens, or you could look like a normal human! Photo via

Sex and Drugs Worth $16.7 Billion to UK Economy
In order to show a broader view of the country’s economic activity, British statisticians included sales of illegal drugs and sexual services. This added around £10 billion ($16.7 billion) to the country’s economic activity each year (around 1% of total economic output). Way to brag, Brits!

Diet Soda Aids Weight Loss, Says Diet Soda Industry
In a study coincidentally funded by the soda industry, a group of dieters who were allowed to drink diet soda lost more weight than the group who were only allowed to drink water. But maybe, just maybe, being forced to drink only water would drive anyone to the local deli at 1 am for a Twinkie binge?

Former Miss Universe Gets a “Make-Under” to Show How Smoking Can “Destroy” Beauty
Rachael Finch, who is apparently the ex-most beautiful woman in the entire universe, was given a “dramatic ‘make-under’” to show what she would look like after years of smoking. The result? A normal human being! Gross! It’s part of a quitting smoking campaign called “Your Future’s Not Pretty.” Because the most important thing in the universe, ladies, is how you look, not how long you live.

Oklahoma City Gun Range Café Given Liquor License
A new gun range has been given the green light to serve alcohol at its café, because boozing at a shooting range is a terrible idea. And terrible ideas are very often popular.