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The Daily Buzz: May 5, 2014

Lawmakers seek to keep powerful painkiller Zohydro off the shelves, despite FDA approval; Uruguay's President says Colorado's pot laws are founded on "fiction"; and the NYPD lets marijuana legalization activists smoke pot in Manhattan.

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Lawmakers Step Up Fight Against FDA-Approved Painkiller Zohydro
State and federal lawmakers are trying to keep the powerful opioid off the shelves, even though the FDA approved it. Doctors and addiction specialists are also among those backing efforts to block the “heroin in a capsule.”

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
The Daily Beast documents 18-year-old Grace Bergere’s trip to Costa Rica to try the “Ibogaine” cure. Can the naturally occurring psychoactive drug—used in shamanic rituals for centuries—help her kick heroin?

This woman—and many others—got a free (puff, puff) pass in NYC on Saturday. Photo via

This woman—and many others—got a free (puff, puff) pass in NYC on Saturday. Photo via

Uruguayan President Slams Colorado Pot Law
President José Mujica said the state’s marijuana market is based on “fiction” and “hypocrisy”—with people faking illnesses to get medical pot, and no tracking of the product after it’s sold. Uruguay’s legal marijuana market, he claims, will be much better. Them’s fighting words!

Mixing Beer and Liquor Won’t Worsen Your Hangover
The main causes of a hangovers are dehydration, changes in hormone levels and the toxic effects of alcohol itself—not mixing hard alcohol with beer or wine, studies show.

NYPD Gives Pot Smokers a Pass at Cannabis Parade
Hundreds of pro-pot activists, many openly smoking joints, marched through Manhattan on Saturday in support of legalization. There were zero arrests. Could legal marijuana be on the New York horizon?

Have No Fear, the “FlaskScarf” Is Here
This combination scarf and flask is what every secret drinker needs to get through winter (or a chilly spring). The product’s website boasts FREE shipping in time for Mother’s Day. Next year’s gift: rehab?