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The Daily Buzz: May 6, 2014

Top economists propose an end to the drug war; Colorado firefighters see rise in home explosions from people making extra-strong pot; and rapper 2 Chainz must wear a sobriety bracelet after pleading guilty to drug possession.

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Top Economists Ask the UN to End the Drug War
The London School of Economics has put together a report slamming the drug war and proposing a “complex” set of solutions. Their roadmap for change includes: finding a middle ground between prohibition and full legalization (decriminalization), stopping human rights abuse and mass imprisonment of drug offenders, and learning from past mistakes. Okay, let’s do this!

Defending 12-Step Programs Against the “Flawed Science” of Their Critics
A professor of psychiatry accuses Lance Dodes—whose book, The Sober Truth, slams 12-step programs—of misreading the evidence.

People in Colorado Keep Blowing Things Up While Making Extra-Strong Pot
Colorado firefighters have responded to a string of explosions caused by people trying to make super-strong marijuana with butane gas. Aren’t pot smokers supposed to be mellow!?

Brooklyn Sells More Underage Booze Than Any Other Borough
According to a recent citywide sting operation, a whopping 94% of Brooklyn bodegas that were investigated ending up selling booze to undercover minors. Whoopsies.

2 Chainz Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession, Gets Sobriety Bracelet
After pleading guilty to charges related to carrying codeine at LAX, the rapper was sentenced to rehab and three years probation during which he must wear a sobriety bracelet.

Sober Woman Falsely Arrested for DUI After Officer Causes Crash
A Wisconsin woman was falsely charged with a DUI after she broke her neck in an accident caused by a cop running a stop sign and hitting her vehicle. Now blood tests and surveillance reveal she was not drunk, and the officer was to blame.