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The Daily Buzz: May 7, 2014

Uruguay launches long-awaited national marijuana market; states start restricting police access to prescription drug databases; and Chiara de Blasio describes her recovery after being "born with the disease of addiction."

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Uruguay Launches Long-Awaited Legal Marijuana Market
President Jose Mujica has signed a new law in to place, launching the world’s first nationwide market regulating the cultivation, sale and use of legal pot. Time will tell if Uruguay’s pot laws are better than Colorado’s, as Mujica recently said. ¡Buen suerte, Uruguay!

Prescription Drug Database

Prescription Drug Database

60 Kenyans Die After Drinking Homemade Booze
Kenya’s police chief says 60 people have died from drinking a batch of homemade brew believed to be laced with methanol—a toxic form of alcohol meant to make the booze stronger.

Some States Restricting Police Access to Prescription-Drug Databases
Cops say easy access to a database of prescription drugs is necessary for them to keep tabs on possible criminal behavior. But due to privacy concerns, some courts and legislators are starting to restrict access to these records.

Chiara de Blasio Writes and Speaks About Her Addiction Recovery
The 19-year-old first daughter of NYC recently spoke about her addiction recovery while accepting an award from the former health and human services secretary. She also published an essay online detailing her mental health struggles, saying she was “born with the disease of addiction.”

Former Drug Lord Is Lobbying Congress to Let Him Keep His Zoo
After a decade in prison, 59-year-old Mario Tabraue Sr. shifted from running a major Miami cocaine empire to running a popular exotic-animal zoo in South Florida. But he’s now fighting against a new law which could crack down on wildlife parks. Poor guy—maybe he should try collecting stamps.