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The Daily Buzz: May 8, 2014

US pot farming could put Mexican drug cartels out of business; Ireland's public smoking ban has saved thousands of lives; and Miley Cyrus says she was hospitalized because of drugs—but not the kind you think.

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Will American Pot Farmers Put the Drug Cartels out of Business?
The Mexican cartels now have some stiff competition: thriving legal and illegal pot markets in the US are driving up the prices of Mexican weed by up to 75%.

Irish Smoking Ban Has Saved Thousands of Lives
Ten years ago, Ireland became the first country in the world to enact a sweeping ban on public smoking. The Irish Health Minister says it’s been a success: New research shows the smoking rate has decreased more than 7%, saving an estimated 3,726 lives in the last decade. Smoking bans for the win!

DEA Cracks Down On Synthetic Drug Makers
More than 150 people have been arrested in a four-month nationwide crackdown on alleged sellers and manufacturers of synthetic (“designer”) drugs, like K-2 (imitation pot) and “bath salts.”

Fear of Weight Gain Keeps Smokers From Quitting
Kicking tobacco can save your ass (and your skin, your teeth, your life, etc). It can also cause a weight gain averaging 5-10 lbs—which evidently scares many out of quitting. But what about the fear of not looking cool while leaning against a wall?

Ninety-Year-Old Man Sentenced to Three Years for Trafficking Cocaine
Leo Sharp, who was charged with hauling 104 kilos of cocaine across state lines, has been handed a three-year sentence. He is threatening to kill himself rather than serve time, since he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Miley Cyrus: “I Didn’t Have a Drug Overdose”
The pop singer who made “Molly” famous was hospitalized recently and had to reschedule some tour dates. But she says it’s not for the reason a lot of people think: “I took some shitty antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction.” Dancing with antibiotics can be dangerous!