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The Daily Buzz: May 9, 2014

Big banks are cashing in on Colorado's pot rush; a Mexican drug cartel hired members of major US gang for Minnesota ops; and Diane Keaton talks about being in long-term recovery from bulimia.

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Colorado Lawmakers Approve Plan for Pot Banking
Paying for pot with cash-only? That’s so old-school. Big banks are cashing in on Colorado’s pot rush so you can soon charge your weed, adding it to the long list of things you’ll pay for…later.

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Hired US Gang Members to Carry Out Operation in Minnesota
The infamous Sinaloa cartel apparently hired three hit men from US gang Mara Salvatrucha 13 street gang (MS-13) to track down those responsible for stealing 30 pounds of meth and $200,000 from a stash house in St. Paul. The prospect of the biggest drug gang in the US and one of Mexico’s scariest cartels collaborating has everyone, naturally, freaking out.

Thirteen “Spliffy” Jobs in the Marijuana Industry
The emerging “marijuanaconomy” is creating a slew of new jobs in states where weed is legal. NPR outlines a bunch of them, from “budtender” to cannabis librarian. (But seriously, “spliffy” jobs, NPR? Didn’t you read this article about pot puns?)

Rob Ford Is in Trouble in Rehab for Phone Calls to Press
The Toronto Mayor is in rehab for his alcohol use, but he’s having a hard time letting go…of talking to the press. He called the Toronto Sun today to tell them he got in trouble for talking to the Toronto Sun yesterday.

Diane Keaton Talks About Her Recovery From Bulimia
On the Dr. Oz show yesterday, the actress describes herself as a recovering addict, after a battle with bulimia in her twenties. She says avoiding relapse is still a daily process, and she’s had to change her beauty ideals to accept who she is (a true goddess and inspiration to us all??).