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The Daily Buzz: November 10, 2014

New York City could soon end low-level marijuana arrests; US meth labs decline, suggesting an increase in imports; and Mexican protesters set fire to the President's palace over cartel killings.

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New York Could Soon End Low-Level Marijuana Arrests
Looks like Mayor de Blasio may keep his promise to end the NYPD’s racially biased record of stop-and-frisk and marijuana arrests (which have actually increased since he took office). Law enforcement officials report they could soon penalize low-level possession with a ticket instead.

Mexican Meth Increasingly Replacing At-Home Labs
Meth lab busts and seizures are down 40% or more in key US states, suggesting that more people are purchasing a cheaper, purer version of the drug imported from Mexico. Says one optimistic narcotics officer: “The great news is that meth from Mexico doesn’t explode, doesn’t burn down your house and your neighbor’s home, doesn’t contaminate your property, doesn’t kill children the way meth labs have done here in the US for decades.”

Mexican Protestors Set Fire to Presidential Palace Over Cartel Massacre of 43 Students
But the cartels’ trade isn’t proving so “great” for Mexico. Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demonstrate against a horrific massacre of student protesters in September, allegedly ordered by Mexican officials in cahoots with the cartels. Last night, protesters set President Enrique Pena Nieto’s ceremonial palace door on fire in Mexico City.

The Risks of Mixing Booze and Caffeine
One in four people in their early 20s have tried a caffeinated cocktail, like the popular combo of Red Bull and vodka, or the pre-mixed Four Loko. But health experts say this is an especially dangerous way to imbibe, since caffeine can make you feel less drunk than you actually are—increasing your risk of drinking more, leading to more bad decisions.

Restaurant Accidentally Served Alcoholic Cocktails to Tiny Kids
This weekend, during a family get-together at Joe’s Crab Shack in Colorado Springs, it was discovered that a bunch of young children were drinking a “Shark’s Nibble” beverage (from the kids’ menu) that had been accidentally spiked with booze. Several kids were taken to the hospital as a precaution but all were fine, including a two-year-old, who, like a champ, had finished his. Joe’s Crab Shack wants everyone to know that this will never happen again.