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The Daily Buzz: November 12, 2014

Family of man who died detoxing in a California jail awarded $3 million; anti-alcohol Qatar wonders how to handle 2022 World Cup; and Ozzy Osbourne wants to resurrect his reality show now that he's sober.

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$3 Million Awarded After Man Dies Detoxing in California Jail
A federal jury found San Diego County guilty in the death of Daniel Sisson, 21, who died of an asthma attack while detoxing from heroin in a San Diego County jail. The family, who won $3 million in the suit, said they hope the verdict will encourage authorities to update policies for training jail staff and deputies to help people who need to detox.

Qatar Vows to Be “Creative” With Alcohol at 2022 World Cup
The next World Cup is being held in Qatar, a country where alcohol consumption and “illicit sexual relations” are punishable by flogging. This could spell trouble, since one of FIFA’s biggest sponsors is Anheuser-Busch (and Brazil’s attempt to ban booze at the last World Cup failed). The country’s sports minister, Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali, said Qatar can be “creative” in reaching some kind of compromise with FIFA, but also noted that the country has a “system that people need to respect.”

California Is Already Freeing Non-Violent Offenders
Last week, California passed Proposition 47, a ballot initiative which downgraded a number of nonviolent offenses (including drug possession) from felonies to misdemeanors, making up to 10,000 prisoners eligible for early release. The effects are kicking in immediately; at least six youths have already been released from San Diego juvenile detention as a result.

Eleven Odd Facts About Magic Mushrooms
Psilocybe cubensis, aka “shrooms,” looks like just regular ol’ mushrooms. But not only do they have well-known hallucinogenic properties, causing that “mind melting” feeling—they also diminish fear, and may have something to do with the origin of Santa Claus.

Sober Ozzy to Return to Reality TV in The Osbournes 2.0
Sharon Osbourne yesterday revealed that her family’s reality show will return to TV for a season, since her husband, Ozzy, wants to do a version where he’s off drugs and alcohol. “It was all my husband’s doing because he looked back on his life and he said, ‘I wish we could have done The Osbournes now where I’m clean and sober,’” Sharon said. The legendary rocker has been sober for about a year after a decades-long struggle with substances.