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The Daily Buzz: November 13, 2014

Sparks fly in CNN legalization debate; why New York's new marijuana policy is not enough; and why Brooke Shields keeps her alcoholic mom's ashes on top of her at-home bar.

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Ethan Nadelmann and Kevin Sabet Clash Over Marijuana Legalization on CNN
When Nadelmann, of the progressive Drug Policy Alliance, and Sabet, of the anti-legalization Smart Approaches to Marijuana, come up against each other on national TV, you know sparks will fly. These frenetic 11 minutes don’t disappoint. Most stinging put-down? “I’m enjoying watching you turn into a footnote of history.”

New York’s New Marijuana Policy Is Not Enough
Gabriel Sayegh, also of the DPA, skeptically addresses Mayor de Blasio’s new policy of replacing low-level marijuana arrests with tickets. He points out while the policy is certainly a step in the right direction, it fails to address some of the larger issues associated with New York’s implementation of drug laws—like stop-and-frisk, and racial disparities in drug arrests—and could even push these issues “into the shadows.”

“Vaping” Could Help Scientists Study Smoking Addiction
British scientists have found a major benefit of controversial e-cigarettes: They can now take MRI scans of peoples’ brains as they puff on the electronic “vaping” devices, providing the “best way yet” to study nicotine addiction in the brain. These studies have previously been limited by the fact that you couldn’t smoke an actual cigarette in an MRI machine, without risk of exploding the MRI machine.

Brooke Shields Talks About Her Relationship With Her Alcoholic Mom
In an upcoming book, actress Brooke Shields addresses her relationship with her deceased mother and manager, Teri Shields, whom she describes as a lifelong alcoholic. Shields says she even keeps her mother’s ashes in an urn on top of her at-home bar so “she could remain forever close to the two most important things in her life: me and booze.”

Thai Rehab Treating Pete Doherty Claims He Wants to “Help” Other Addicts
Pete Doherty, of British band the Libertines, is apparently checked into Hope Rehab in Bangkok, where he’s being treated for heroin addiction. “[Doherty] has expressed a wish to use his influence to help other struggling addicts. Together with Hope he wants to start a trust funding treatment places,” announced the rehab. Perhaps another way to help struggling addicts is for rehabs to not release statements to the media.