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The Daily Buzz: November 17, 2014

Federal agents surprise NFL doctors with drug inspections; the Republicans show little interest in blocking marijuana legalization in DC; and the Internet shames Johnny Depp for giving a drunk speech at Hollywood awards show.

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Feds Search NFL Doctors for Illicit Drugs Following Games
The DEA conducted surprise bag searches and questioned team doctors this weekend as part of an ongoing investigation into prescription drug use in the National Football League. The inspections were based on the suspicion that NFL teams are dispensing drugs illegally to keep players on the field.

GOP Congress Shows Little Interest in Blocking Pot Legalization in DC
The Republican party, now in control of Capitol Hill, is not known for being pro-pot. But despite fears that they’ll attempt to block DC’s voter-approved marijuana legalization law when it goes to Congress for review, most seem uninterested. Several GOP Senators have weighed in, saying: “That’s pretty far down my list of priorities,” and “I haven’t given it one thought.”

Alcoholism Is Reportedly Rising Among Women Over 60
Nearly one in 10 people starting treatment for alcoholism is now a woman aged 60 or up, according to a new report from England—a 6% rise in the past five years. In contrast, there has been a sharp decline in alcohol treatment for both young women and men aged 18-to-29. Should we worry, or is this an example of the media fueling myths about an addiction “epidemic” among seniors?

Jerry Hall Says Keith Richards Scared Her Kids Away From Drugs
Is the key to keeping your kids off drugs as simple as raising them around hard-partying rock stars? This is the parenting wisdom being dished out by former model Jerry Hall, who says her kids with the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger are “grounded” because they grew up seeing his bandmate Keith Richards “passed out on the couch.”

Johnny Depp Gives “Weird Drunk Speech” at Hollywood Film Awards
The Internet is all abuzz with news that a very inebriated-seeming Johnny Depp staggered on stage at a televised award show last night, then proceeded to ignore the Teleprompter and swear before the network cut him off. Last year, Depp said he had used alcohol as ”self-medication over the years just to calm the circus.” Celebs: They really are just like us! But with more visible shaming.