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The Daily Buzz: November 20, 2014

Colorado uses marijuana tax revenue to fund substance education programs; study finds E-Cigarettes do help people quit smoking tobacco; and De Blasio says he hasn't toked up since college.

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Colorado Is Using Tax Revenue From Pot Sales to Fund Substance Education Programs
Colorado has found at least one smart use for all the money it’s raking in since legalizing marijuana in 2012. The state announced last week that high schools would receive more than $2 million to go towards hiring school nurses, social workers and psychologists to help prevent and treat marijuana misuse among students.

Today Is The American Cancer Society’s Official Quit-Smoking Day
Today’s as good a day as any to try and kick tobacco. The American Cancer Society marks the third Thursday of November each year as the “Great American Smokeout,” encouraging smokers to quit today, even if just for one day. Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US, and about 42 million Americans still smoke cigarettes.

Study: E-Cigarettes Reduce Cravings and Help Smokers Quit
Are E-cigs the answer to finally kicking smoking for good? Electronic cigarettes significantly reduced tobacco cravings and helped 60% of a control group to successfully ween off tobacco smoking, according to a new study. The increasingly popular devices contain between 100 and 1,000 times fewer toxic substances than regular tobacco cigarettes, but do contain highly-addictive nicotine.

Country Star Brantley Gilbert Talks About Getting Sober After Fame
The singer’s battle with alcoholism was heightened by his sudden rise to fame, leading to his decision to get sober in 2011, he tells Billboard. Gilbert says friends in the industry, including fellow recovering alcoholic and country star Keith Urban, helped him along the way. “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do my job because I had always had a little bit of a buzz on,” says Gilbert. “Keith told me I was going to be alright.”

Bill de Blasio Says He Hasn’t Smoked Weed Since College
The NYC Mayor, who recently decriminalized small-scale marijuana possession in New York, says he’s personally been off the grass for decades. “I think this job is truly 24/7, and you have to be alert at all times,” De Blasio told Politico this week. But what about wine and beer? Sleeping?