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The Daily Buzz: November 24, 2014

Vancouver launches a prescription heroin program; marijuana sellers court holiday shoppers; and KISS founder Ace Frehley is eight years sober and touring solo.

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Vancouver Experiments With Prescription Heroin
Doctors in Vancouver, a city known for its progressive drug policy, have been granted permission to provide doses of heroin to a group of 120 people with severe addiction in a pilot program aimed at reducing overdoses. This policy has already been successful in places like Switzerland.

US Marshals Service Personnel Dress as Mexican Marines to Go After Drug Cartels
In a sign that the US is stepping up its involvement in Mexico’s drug war, a group of US Justice Department personnel are reportedly dressing up as Mexican Marines to take part in armed raids against suspected drug cartel bosses.

Amazon.com Stops Sales of 95% Alcohol Vodka
The online shopping giant has banned sales of Spirytus Rektyfikowany, a Polish vodka with 95% alcohol content, after a girl from Australia died this month having downed just a few shots on her 18th birthday. “We are temporarily removing products with a high alcohol by volume content while we review the products that we will permit to be offered to customers,” stated Amazon.

Marijuana Sellers Want Your Business This Holiday Season
With recreational marijuana now legal in four states and DC, marijuana retailers are apparently courting holiday shoppers by promoting their products as ideal Christmas gifts. Many dispensaries this time of year “resemble a Starbucks at the mall, with holiday spices and festive music in the air,” according to ABC News. Given the success of this video, could a vaporizer be the perfect gift for Grandma this year?

KISS’s Ace Frehley Is Sober and Back on the Road
Though the band split more than a decade ago, former lead guitarist and founding KISS member Paul “Ace” Frehley is back on tour with a new solo album. And he says he’s on top of his game since getting sober eight years ago. “When you’re on alcohol and mood-altering substances, your brain is telling you you’re more creative on that junk,” he says. “But the truth, you’re much more creative without any of that stuff. That’s the whole problem with addiction. Luckily I was able to overcome and make it on top.”